Thursday, June 23, 2016

What if i die tomorrow

What if i am to die tomorrow
would i be riddled with guilt and sorrow

would i have given the life you wanted
a paradise promised, a place enchanted

would i have become what you wanted me to be
the image you had of me, the one in your eyes i see

would i be sad for the way i live
sad for what i take sad for what you give

would i miss being with you no more
regret for not having realized this before

would i be remembered for the evil i do
or for all the good in me, because of you

would i leave you with the memories of pain
or would you like to meet me again

would i jut die and be at peace
or will i come back, so that once more we can meet

would i get to tell you that i love you so much
please remember that, even if we cant be in touch

would i get just one more day to borrow
just one more day, before i die tomorrow

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