Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Utopia of a Stomped Brain

Silence is something very special for a man who has been humiliated due to his speech!

Its not that, that the man does not want to speak any more and it also does not mean that he is now waiting for the correct time to speak, but instead, due to the humiliation he now has known the importance of silence in life.

Thus in the same way, we keep on doing those things only which give pleasure to us. We keep on doing the same thing until we have reached the marginal utility of the item or we at last got humiliated due to the so called “pleasure”!

We run after things which are least needed, but still we proudly state that we are doing a hell of an important job.

We are running at a very fast pace to juice out the most of our lives but not thinking twice about the importance or necessity of the juice.

Often we blame our destiny and our life style for being so unpredictable and rough (respectively), and we very surely say that our destiny is scoffing at us.

But in reality is it so or is it something that we project in our own brain for ourself so as to have someone or something for us all the time who or which can take an acceptance for all the mis happening of our life?

After all, how can “WE” make mistakes? “WE” are the most knowledgeable creatures on this planet! “WE” are the creators of infinite number of “useful” objects! “WE” are “THE HUMANS”. “WE” are this and “WE” are the only one who are that also! “WE” are everything here THE KING!

Sounds great, isn't it!

But its not so great when we actually think about it! I mean if we for once sit down, leaving every freaking important work for sometime, and just think of the various causes of the problems of our lives. Then i am damn sure that in the very roots of our huge problem it is only us who are standing alone as the sole cause of the immense catastrophe. But even after knowing the cause we don't accept it, and we keep on finding a cause and effect relationship for everything

WE try to seek pleasure in everything and that too in a shortcut manner. Even a shortcut to reach GOD without even knowing that HE exists or not.

Let me ask, why is it so? Why are we all in a race to reach the goal even if the goal is not worth reaching! And above all that, why are we always in a race?

No matter how many examinations you pass! No matter how many tests you've gone through! The final destination is always the same. If you know what am I speaking about!

So why do we always need to create a dreamland, before we even start our journey to the end?

Why do we try to invent such unwanted stops in our journey? despite of the fact that all of us know that there is an end to everything.

As far as my thinking is related, i can only see that, when we accepted the fact that we can reach such wonderlands, it showed at that moment only, how very dumb we really are!

And how dumb are those persons who really made us think that there is a space for any other distractions in our lives except than just to survive!

Some will ask me regarding to my theory about those people who are billionaire and living in their huge houses beside some man made lake! But for them also i will say that they are also in the same fight for survival and they are somehow surviving better than the rest. Nothing more than that!

When we are born, till the age when we are really able to think, in between that long duration our brain is always in a constant process of stomping, it gets stomped from all around, from our parents, our environment, from everyone!

So at last when we really grow up and start our journey towards end, we never see the ultimate goal, but instead we try to reach the self created Disneyland, an UTOPIA, which never existed. Without even for once, straining our pre-stomped brains about the aftermath of this hot pursuit.

And when we after all we really get to the ashes of our broken and burnt dreams, we only then realize our fault and try to start afresh!

Many do succeed in starting afresh and many collapse within themselves after what has happened!

So after knowing about such devastating results! Why don't we all do ourselves a favor and force our stomped brains to end this chase to our pre created utopia and focus on the one sole end of us all.

And that is


What do you think?

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