Thursday, February 3, 2011

Everybody's Nude

Everybody's Nude
Wearing a Prada
She passed me by and had me allude
A smile so Vile
A lie in the Eye
In my Gap I feel so shy

Everybody's Nude
With the cofidence in walk
and the European talks
Her charecter so white
and its written in Chalk

Everybody's Nude
covering up whats inconsequential
Just so wide open where its essential
Only face doesn't suffice to do the magic
Those pretentious curves, Silicon makes it tragic
Everyone Loves them for them plastic toys
And I wish they are the real McCoys

Everybody's Nude
Be bewitched between the legs
Mouths wide open, and tounges in Flex
Fingers shaking, dripping sweat
Pounding on, Hearts dont feel any threat
The pace of her blows
Have you faster to grow
Brains tread slow
and the darkness glow

Everybody's Nude
When you can hide
Saint in your heart
and your mind, the Devil resides
A secret so Loved
When out, you mouthfully despite

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